Saturday, December 5, 2020

Card services ...

  • Safe Buying
  • Charge your card to desired amount, depending on your card type.
  • Getting an account balance
  • Ability to block the card

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Why We Should Have an IPD account ...?!

Iran is one of the most beautiful countries you should ever visit and you can expect to have every first class service that you used to see in other countries, such as luxury hotels, glorious landscapes, rich culture, fancy cars, etc. but you will have serious problem with money and payment cues regular global payment solutions such as MasterCard and visa is not suitable hear! Never mind, you can solve all of your problems by using IPD card that is similar to your regular card. You can buy stuff online or offline and withdraw from ATM with your IPD.

TAKBELIT does not carry out any exchange operations, and all sums of cards are foreign sources and no money is exited from the country.

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